Cildo Meireles

In Other Artists on December 5, 2009 at 10:00 pm

© Cildo Meireles, Photo: Tate Photography


cellophane, aquarium, chicken wire, fishing nets, voile, glass, iron fencing

The Tate Modern in London is currently showing several of Meireles’ installation works such as Through and How to Build a Cathedral. The show is so incredibly inspiring and beautiful that I am considering prostituting myself in order to travel to London and experience it first hand.

© Cildo Meireles, Photo: Tate Photography

“How to Build a Cathedral”(1987)

2,000 bones, 800 communion wafers, 600,000 pennies, 80 cement blocks, and 1 black sheet.

I came across Meireles in a book of modern sculpture I found in Barnes and Noble. I found out Cildo Meireles is a beautiful Brazilian man. His work is conceptually-based sculpture and installation worked around social commentary and censorship. Many of his most prestigious works include the installation pictured above and Red Shift(1967), which was an installation work of three rooms covered in red, exploring reactions to an entirely red environment. His walk-through designs are awe-inspiring, even just through a photograph. For years and years his art has been consistently striking and aesthetically excellent.

Photos curtsey of Tate Photography


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